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About Us

We're on a mission to make life just a little bit brighter for moms! 


We believe being a mom is one of the most magical experiences on the planet. The amount of work that goes into raising tiny humans is nothing short of awe inspiring.

That's why we develop innovative accessories to help moms get out the door so they can focus on the truly important things in life. 

Meet Christine 

Founder and Creator


An avid photographer and busy mom, Christine was standing in front of the mirror in 2018 when the idea for BlushBee hit. She noticed that the baseball cap she was wearing was making her complexion look dull and wondered if reflectors used in photography could be sewn into a hat.

As a photographer, Christine was fascinated with the way reflectors bounced light off a subject’s face, lessening the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Inspired to create a hat that would help moms look and feel great while making their lives a little easier, she bought some fabric and started sketching.

After much experimentation, Christine's vision is a reality in BlushBee's flagship product, the Grab and Glow Cap. The hat is the first made to reflect light onto the face and currently has a patent pending.

Discover the Glow and Go Cap. 



Our products 


Since then, BlushBee has continued to create innovative accessories for moms. If we can add lightness, brightness and ease to one mom's life, we've done our job!

Made in Canada and the USA


One of the challenges Christine faced while developing the Glow and Go cap was finding a manufacturer who understood her vision and would take the time to get it right. She knew she wanted a hat that was ethically made and was thrilled to find a family-run manufacturer in British Columbia, Canada, who embraced her vision of the first-ever hat with an illuminating feature under its brim. BlushBee is proud that the Glow and Go hat was designed in the USA and made with care in Canada. All other BlushBee products are handmade in either the USA or Canada.


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